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Freezer and cold storage | Quality control | Veterinary border control | Order picking and packing | Ice production for ships | Freezing | Bonded warehousing| Distribution to the retail trade, catering and export

We are part of your value chain

We have brought together the entire value chain, from freezing and quality to distribution and export. Almost a century of experience and growth are your guarantee for the quality of our services – every day of the year.

We have a range of cold and freezer storage facilities with total capacity of 800,000 cubic metres, and freezing capacity of around 1,800 tonnes per day. In addition to freezing and warehousing, we provide a range of services, all performed according to the highest standards and quality norms.


Freezer and cold storage, Freezing

Effective freezing and careful, safe storage of food products are the cornerstones of our business. Method of freezing is adapted according to the customer's specifications, and can vary between tunnel and plate freezing. We store food products at temperatures between 5 and -25 degrees C, and we are certified according to international quality standards. Storage in cold and freezer stores utilises fully-automatic rack and bulk storage systems.

  • Plate freezing
  • Tunnel freezing
  • IQF freezing – individual freezing of fish
  • Storage in cold and freezer stores

Inspection of food products

Quality control

Our quality control is comprehensive, covering our own checks and inspections and those performed by the food authorities – as well as our customers of course.

  • All data is attached to the pallet at Goods Inwards
  • HACCP procedure is registered at Goods Inwards
  • All pallet movements are scanned
  • HACCP procedure is registered at Goods Outwards
  • Exit scanning and driver's signature
  • All pallets are videoed upon arrival and despatch

Glazing of frozen fish

Order-picking and packing

We weigh, pack and label meat, fish, poultry, bread and other food products to the customer's exact specifications.

One of our specialities is that we pack fish and shellfish in glass packaging in our modern, highly efficient packing centre at Hirtshals, so that products sold to retailers, caterers and wholesalers appear inviting and high quality. Our packing centre is certified according to BRC (British Retail Consortium), the benchmark for handling food products in many countries.

Our branches have high capacity, and can switch production and storage to new requirements with short notice. Large amounts of food products pass through our branches daily, where our responsible personnel weigh, label, repallet and handle them all according to the customer's specifications. Automation, robot technology and skilled hands make up a comprehensive whole.

Our attention to detail ensures a very low error margin. For example: during a 12-month period, there were just 81 packages with registered errors out of a total of 533,065, equivalent to an error margin of 0.0002%.


  • Sorting
  • Weighing
  • Glazing of fish
  • Packing
  • Labelling
  • Quality testing in our own lab

Flake ice

Ice production for ships

We are Denmark's biggest producer of ice for the fishing industry. Production takes place in plants at three ports in northern Jutland, close to the boats, auctions and processing plants on land.

  • Production of tube ice
  • Production of flake ice
  • Fully-automatic delivery of ice


Bonded warehousing and veterinary border control

We control the process of bonded warehousing for our customers, receiving release notification for delivery and notifying the Danish customs authorities of what is being held in our bonded warehouses.

Delivery to the customer

Logistics and distribution to retailers, caterers and for export.

We are a Danish business, but can receive food products and seafood products from all over the world. We have bonded warehousing facilities at our branches, and provide veterinary border control in the northern Jutland fishing ports for goods coming from outside the EU.

We provide turnkey solutions for loading and unloading cargo ships and trawlers, including storage, sorting and loading for shipping to customers.

We pick orders, pack in individual cartons and wrap with stretch film on pallets, preparing the products for distribution to retailers.

Monthly KPI reports document all inward and outward passage of goods.


  • Bonded warehousing of goods from outside the EU
  • Border control (veterinary)
  • Loading and offloading ships
  • Order fulfilment
  • Distribution and transport