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Quality & IT
We have

The best IT technology in the industry

Our IT systems support our business processes, and our customers are given full transparency and access to data. Certificates are converted to the formats stipulated by the authorities and our tracking system can quickly identify products.

We continuously invest in new technology to support the customer's value chain...

Our cold and freezer stores are all process-optimised in relation to customer requirements, and with the most advanced IT technology in the industry, we can service our customers quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price. Some of the things our customers most appreciate include:
  • Electronic Data Interchange: Documents, reports and statistics are exchanged with our customers in an integrated system.
  • Real-time mirroring of data.
  • KPI report service: We inspect inbound goods from all over the world on behalf of our customers, and everything is documented by photo and video. The same applies to our own handling of goods for unloading, freezing, packing and loading, giving our customers constant overview of complaints, damaged cartons, incorrect labelling and other internal and external errors.
  • Customer-specific reports are sent every month, and used for such purposes as identifying areas of improvement. The better a process is, the lower the costs to mutual benefit.
  • Despatch: We strongly believe in keeping to agreed delivery times, and our personnel take pride in avoiding any waiting time for trucks. That's why we also send electronic notification to the customer as soon as the last pallet has been scanned on board and the load is on its way.
  • Tracking system: Our comprehensive tracking system ensures that customers can quickly identify goods in the event of production errors and recalls. All products are scanned and logged, and we can supply a report within 30 minutes.
  • Automatic attestation system: We ensure that customer data is automatically converted into the latest format required by the authorities as a service, avoiding manual entry and human error, or rejection of the goods by export market authorities, involving compensation. We get it right first time. 
  • Picking according to date: When picking for caterers and retailers for example, we naturally pick according to batch number and thus shelf life, so that the end-customer never receives goods older than previously received.
  • Cost distribution: Our orders match those of the customer's sales order, so that the CFO can split costs precisely as required.
”We are very keen on getting theory to work in reality, so that our IT system matches work processes and warehouse flow. We do not view IT as equipment, but as a vital part of our business processes. IT and logistics have merged, and we always keep what the customer wants in mind when thinking ahead towards new solutions.”

Carsten Wolf, Supply Chain Director

We provide:
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We have

All the main certifications

We comply with all the highest national and international standards for the handling of food products within all our processes. A number of our cold and freezer stores are approved for export all over the world.

The main certifications:
  • BRC Storage and Distribution certified (British Retail Consortium) sets the benchmark for food safety in the UK, North America and many European countries
  • AFS – The Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s certification for responsibly farmed seafood
  • IFS (International Featured Standard) is a standard for supplying food products to a number of German and French retail chains.
  • MSC Certified sustainable seafood

We also always comply with customer Codes of Conduct, e.g. MacDonald’s Supplier Quality Management System, under which the food safety requirements actually exceed those of the authorities on many points.

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Our quality assurance system

Our quality assurance management system contains internal-inspection programmes according to the HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). All critical control points are therefore identified and controlled, ensuring a high degree of food safety and the prevention of error.

Some of the things it entails include:
  • Inspection of the vehicle used for transport when offloading and before loading – is it clean?
  • Checking the temperature upon receiving and despatching the goods
  • Defined procedures for passage of the goods through the freezer store
  • Monitoring and receiving alarms in the event of temperature fluctuations in the stores
  • Logging and documenting everything
  • Adjustments according to changes in the law

Thanks to continuous improvement in our quality management system, we have been awarded a number of international certifications, which can be seen under the different branches. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's inspection service also makes regular inspections of our cold and freezer stores. 

”We have set very high standards for all our business activities. These include within efficient operation, working environment and quality assurance. Our customers expect – and receive the best!”

Jesper Toft Mathiasen, CEO

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