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Product areas

Handling food products belonging to our customers is a matter of trust, but years of experience plus of course full documentation and certifications guarantee that your products are in safe hands.


Meat & Poultry

Our branches receive large volumes of fresh and frozen meat every day from some of the country's leading producers of meat and poultry. The majority is frozen and put into cold storage ready for export to countries throughout most of the world. The rest is prepared for distribution to the domestic market. To ensure the best quality, fresh meat is frozen down to -18°C within 24 hours.

Bread rolls

Bread, ice cream & pre-cooked meals

The standards for fast, efficient handling and freezing are high when it comes to temperature-sensitive products such as bread, ice cream and pre-cooked meals for the export and domestic markets. We can perform weighing, packing, labelling and order fulfilment at our branches, to ensure that pallets are made-up according to the customer's order, and are ready for distribution to retailers and caterers.


Other food products

We specialise in handling, storing and packing a whole range of other food product categories, including fruit, vegetables and dairy products according to specific requirements for freezing, temperatures and storage. Order fulfilment and distribution can once again be included.