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"Because our major impact on the environment is energy consumption, that's what we primarily focus on. We proactively seek ways to reduce our energy consumption through energy management."

Focus on two of the UN's Global Goals:

'Zero Hunger' and 'Responsible Consumption and Production'


Our focus areas moving towards sustainable development are controlled through management of the following areas: Working environment, energy and waste.

Sustainable development

Sustainability is of growing importance to the food industry, both in relation to the UN Global Goals and due to initiatives from the EU plus other international organisations, not least considerable public awareness.
We play an active part in efforts within the industry to promote sustainable development. Consequently, we are a very active member of the Forum for Sustainability, which comes under the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. We work with the UN's Global Goals for sustainable development here.
A large number of our customers are represented in this forum. We can consequently ensure that sustainable development goes through the value chain.

CSR and customers

We are in constant dialogue with our major customers, placing focus on optimisation able to ensure our services are provided in a manner that reduces environmental impact as much as possible.

Read our CSR policy here.


Used to cut energy consumption

Energy policy

Our energy management system covers our cold and freezer stores and ice plants.

Claus Sørensen branches must be energy-conscious and work proactively in pursuit of constantly improving energy performance by:

  • improving energy efficiency. 
  • making the personnel more energy-conscious through information and motivation. 
  • providing the necessary resources to achieve targets and goals. 
  • developing and retaining knowledge concerning new technology and production methods 
  • realising and maintaining the targets we set. 
  • planning and putting into practice further ways of saving energy, when opportunities and the need to do so arise. 
  • communicating relevant parts of our energy policy to everyone able to influence energy consumption working for (or on behalf of) the business. 
  • evaluating targets and goals via Key Performance Indicators, internal audits and Management's Evaluation. 
  • buying equipment and products with energy efficiency in mind. 
  • updating the system.

Key Performance Indicators for energy performance are regularly produced. The business will observe all relevant legislation and other relevant provisions, and undertakes to consistently improve its energy performance. 

Through fulfilment of the above energy policy, we expect to be able to be perceived as an energy- and eco-friendly business by our local communities, customers, the authorities and our workforce. 

"Because our major impact on the environment is energy consumption, that's what we primarily focus on. We proactively seek ways to reduce our energy consumption.


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