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This branch has been serving the fishing industry for decades, along with Europe's biggest fresh fish auction. Packing of fish products and IQF-freezing of whole trout and salmon is performed under conditions approved by the Russian and American authorities. In recent years, growth has been concentrated on pork, dairy products and poultry, frozen and stored at the two branches in the local industrial estate.
The branch has its own ice plant producing flake and tube ice.


On the docks of Denmark's biggest port within consumer fish, and in the local industrial estate.

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Vi er fleksible og har fulgt udviklingen fra fisk og skaldyr til at håndtere stadig mere kød og andre fødevarer. Hurtige, kundespecifikke løsninger, ofte i samarbejde med andre afdelinger, er et speciale.

Jørn Hvilshøj, Branch Manager
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Claus Sørensen
Industrivangen 27-31
7730 Hanstholm