IT systems ensure quality and efficiency

We have at our disposal the industry’s most advanced IT technology, which enables us to serve customers quickly, efficiently and competitively.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ensures that we can exchange documents, reports and statistics with customers in an integrated system.

KPI (Key Point Indicators) ensures that customers are able to keep track of complaints, damaged boxes, incorrect labelling and other internal and external errors at all times.

A comprehensive tracking system ensures that customers are quickly able to identify products in the event of manufacturing faults and recalls. A report can be delivered within 30 minutes.

An automatic certificate system ensures that customer data is automatically transmitted to the authorities’ formats, minimising the need for manual input and the likelihood of errors.

“It is important to us to get the theory to work in reality, so that the IT system is suitable for the work processes and flow at the stores. We do not see it as machines and cables, but as an important part of our business processes. IT and logistics are merged, and we bear the customer’s needs in mind when developing solutions.”
Carsten Wolf, Supply Chain Director