Generations of vision

In 1926, fishery pioneer and entrepreneur Claus Sørensen established Denmark’s first freezer plant with a fast-freezing facility in Skagen. Since then, he has put his mark on on fishing ports along the west coast of Jutland with ice factories, cold stores and freezer plants, as well as fish processing industries. His business also included several other fishing-related companies and significant activities in Greenland.

Claus Sorensen A/S has been carried on by his son, Tage Sørensen (MA in political science), and the next generations of the family. Under Tage Sørensen’s leadership, several significant industrial enterprises have been established in the Esbjerg area, including Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S and Vestfrost A/S, which are part of the Claus Sørensen Group.

We are now the leading cold store and freezer plant group in Denmark, and since the 00s, growth has been particularly rapid. The connection to the fishing industry has been maintained, and the company has established itself in strategic geographical locations that are favourable to Danish food production for export markets and distribution of food products to the domestic market.