The central Jutland El Dorado
With its large capacity for freezing pork and chicken, the department serves some of Denmark’s major food producers before the products are distributed to food groups throughout most of the world. Since its establishment in 1984, expansions and automation of an increasing number of processes have characterised the centrally located store, from which containers of meat products head for the ports of Aarhus and Hamburg.

Located centrally in relation to the Aarhus-Herning motorway and the A13. 

Cold store:        1,100 m3
Freezer plant: 60,000 m3

"Good, open dialogue with customers is paramount. We give high priority to staff training to ensure that they are professionally competent, motivated and able to communicate. The number of errors is very low.”
Jan T. Kristensen, Head of Department

Claus Sørensen A/S, Engesvang

Loehdesvej 15
DK-7442 Engesvang
+45 8686 5800
+45 8686 5828

Cold facts

We have cold stores and freezer plants with a total capacity of 800,000 cubic metres and a freezing capacity of around 1,800 tonnes a day. In addition to freezing and storage, we offer a range of services, all performed to the highest standards and quality norms.

  • Order picking
  • Distribution and transport
  • Sorting
  • Weighing
  • Glazing
  • Packing
  • Retail packing of fish and shellfish products
  • Quality control